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Bringing Your Car to Cabo

Why and how to bring  your foreign vehicle to Cabo for use while living at your Culinary Cottage here in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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Why Bring a Car to Cabo?

Once you own a Cottage here at Fora Farms, whether its Whole Ownership or Fractional Ownership, most owners eventually desire having their own vehicle to use while in Cabo. One reason for this is, using your own car is many times more economical than renting. Another reason is, in nearly all cases, cars are less expensive to purchase in the US or Canada than here in Cabo. Or in some cases, Cottage owners may already have an extra car they do not often use, which they choose to ship down to Cabo. Driving a US or Canadian titled car while in Cabo and the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur is perfectly legal, as long as the foreign plates are current. Foreign auto insurance, already a bargain by US standards, is actually cheaper if the car bears foreign plates. So instead of converting a vehicle's nationality, many Cabo residents (both full and part time) prefer to continue to use their foreign vehicles.

Remember to give thought towards what type of vehicle you want while you are in Cabo? Do you want a car, a truck, an SUV? Should it be 4x4? How will you use it? For short trips to the beach or short town, or perhaps for longer hauls to San Lucas, Todos Santos or even La Paz and beyond? Consider how many you people you will regularly transport also. These are all things you should consider when choosing the right vehicle to accompany you while living at the Culinary Cottages in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Once you have chosen your vehicle, below outlines the basic process of bringing your foreign registered vehicle to Cabo.

1. Registration

The most important part of bringing a car to Cabo is to make sure your car is registered in a way that the plates can easily be renewed. Some states and provinces make procedures for renewing license plates more difficult than others. For example, if the state your live in requires emissions testing each year, you will not want your Cabo vehicle registered in that state. Another example is the state of California, which requires a California insurance policy even if the car is located out of state or out of country.

One solution: For US vehicles, South Dakota is very willing to sell a valid registration and license plates to people who do not live there. South Dakota requires no smog test, no inspection, and no certificate of insurance. Best of all, the renewal is only about $40. South Dakota registrations are valid and honored throughout Baja.

The person best known for discovering this is Bob Jankovics, who has created a small business of processing paperwork for Los Cabos residents wanting to register their US vehicles. Once Bob has acquired your plates, the renewal process is relatively simple and straight-forward. If you would like turn-key assistance in registering your vehicle in South Dakota, Bob Jankovics can be contacted at Just tell Bob you are a Culinary Cottage owner, and for a small fee Bob will guide you through the simple process.

2. Insurance

Once your car is properly registered, you will need to insure it here in Mexico. Note: Do not cancel your US insurance on said vehicle until that vehicle is on Mexican soil. Once the car is in Mexico, you can than cancel your US insurance, as long as your state or Provence allows you to do so.

There are many companies to purchase Mexican insurance for your foreign car, but one we can recommend is International Insurance Services. Visit their website,, or from the US, call toll free (866) 376-2289.

3. Shipping/Transporting

Some Cottage owners choose to drive their vehicles down to Cabo, which can be a lot of fun. Other choose to ship their cars down. Shipping your vehicle to Cabo is quite easy.

Shipping vehicles in the US is very easy and there are many companies who can provide this service. But getting your car from the US down Baja and into Cabo can be slightly more difficult if you do not know who to contact.

Thankfully, we have a solution. Armando Carrillo, the General Director of ACV Logistics, can arrange shipment of your vehicle from their US warehouse in San Diego, down here to Cabo. Contact Armando at, visit their website, or call their US phone (619) 955-7652. Just let Armando know that you are a Culinary Cottage owner and he will give you quote and guide you through the process.

And again, shipping your vehicle from your residence to ACV is relatively easy, as there are many companies who can provide this service, such as

4. Storage

Once your car is here, you will need a decent place to store your vehicle while you are not in Cabo. Our recommendation for this is Anchor Storage located near the Los Cabos International Airport. In addition to storing your vehicle, Anchor provides several Conciege Services also, such as airport rides; picking you up the airport upon your arrival and dropping you off at departure, car washing services, so your car is sparkling clean for your arrival and even mechanic services.

Additionally, many owners like the fact that they can store their personal "Cabo-related" possession in their vehicle while they are not in Cabo also.

For their Anchor Storage rates, email or call their US phone (303) 923-8761.

Additional Concerns?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.


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