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Real Estate by Flora Farms, Los Cabos, Mexico; including the Culinary Cottages, the Hillside Haylofts and the all-new Beachfront Flats at the Flora Farms Beach Club.


Full Showing Guidelines...

Visiting us for a Full Showing? Please be aware of our guidelines.

Real Estate by Flora Farms is professionally presented by just several in-house Sales Associates. As a courtesy to the residents who are living within the Flora Farms communities, we conduct showings by appointment only and conduct only several appointments each day (Tuesday - Sunday).

If we showed Flora’s real estate to everyone that wants to see it, we would need a massive Sales Team, diluting the quality, experience, and sincerity of the communities that Flora created. For this reason, and as you likely already appreciate, we created an Invitation Process to help us identify prospects who are best fit for the limited and remaining inventory of the Culinary Cottages, Hillside Haylofts, and the new Beachfront Flats.

This process works very well for us and for the communities themselves. However, for it to work, we are firm with regards to the following Full Showing Guidelines:

  • Your Spouse or Life Partner Must Attend. If you are married or live with a life partner, we will be unable to provide you with a Full Showing if you arrive without him/her.

  • Are you Single? Unless previously authorized by the Invitation Committee, we will be unable to provide you with a Full Showings if you arrive with anyone else. This includes bringing a friend or an additional family member who will wait for you.

  • Do Not Bring Anyone Else. We will be unable to provide you with a Full Showings if you arrive at Flora Farms with anyone other than people that live in your immediate household. This includes bringing a friend or an additional family member who will wait for you.

  • No Plans Within 4 Hours of Your Showing. No, Showings do not normally last 4 hours. In fact, your Full Showing will be conducted at your pace. On average, a Showing lasts only about an hour or two following your meal with us. The reason we do not want you to have anything planned within 4 hours of your showing is, we do not want you (or us) to feel pressured for time. We have found that people who control their time (rather than people who are not in control of their time) are a far better fit for our communities.

  • Be Prepared to Dine With Your Sales Associate. Because we are a community set within a farm, and as connoisseurs of fresh food, our Sales Associate will dine with and host you (and your family) to breakfast or lunch. Over your meal, the Associate will share with you relevant information about Flora Farms and the real estate communities. Please come hungry and allow us to give you the complete experience. Your meal will be on us, but please be prepared to pay a 20% gratuity.

If you want to dine before your Full Showing, please feel free to do so at your own expense and be sure to dine prior to and arrive by the scheduled time of your Full Showing.

  • Did You Pay a Commitment Deposit? If you did, it will be refunded to you following the Private Showing. Your attendance is required for return or refund of your Deposit. If you do not attend, as agreed, you forfeit your Commitment Deposit —no exceptions. Cancellations = Forfeiture of your Commitment Deposit. If you choose to cancel your Full Showing (regardless of reason), you agreed in writing upon scheduling, to forfeit your Commitment Deposit. You can however reschedule and receive your Commitment Deposit (following your re-scheduled Full Showing).