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Real Estate by Flora Farms, Los Cabos, Mexico; including the Culinary Cottages, the Hillside Haylofts and the all-new Beachfront Flats at the Flora Farms Beach Club.

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A naturally filtered, private, and swimmable family pond; available exclusively to Flora Farms real estate owners.

Flora Farms real estate owners private use of a future swimmable and naturally filtered pond; complete with island raft, pond pier and a rope swing.

Note: Because the Family Pond is not yet completed, not all images on this page are actual photos of Flora's Family Pond. The images are provided for visualization purposes only. Upon completion, the Private Family Pond at Flora Farms will have a similar look, feel and functionality as shown in the images allude to herein.

Further details regarding the private Beach Club are offered only to existing Flora Farms real estate owners and those who receive a Private Invitation.

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