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Real Estate by Flora Farms, Los Cabos, Mexico; including the Culinary Cottages, the Hillside Haylofts and the all-new Beachfront Flats at the Flora Farms Beach Club.

Important Notices

Please read important recent notices to owners below.

September 1st, 2019

Attention Co-Owners (or fractional real estate at Flora Farms):

It has been brought to Flora's attention that some of you have private vehicles located in Cabo and/or at Flora Farms which you allow other co-owners to rent. What you do with your vehicles is your business, however, Flora needs to notify you with regards to some important policies regarding these vehicles:

1. None of these vehicles are owned nor operated by Flora Farms. Flora Farms does not provide any rental car services. We are more than happy to refer you to rental car companies.

2. Renting a personally-owned vehicle, privately, is actually against the law in Baja California Sur. Rental cars must have an official state rental-car license plate. If the authorities learn that a private car has in fact been rented by the person driving it, the vehicle can be immediately impounded. Beware: Even if you rent a car to a person and tell them "if anyone asks, you are only borrowing this car", that doesn't mean they will. If the people you rented your car to are pulled over or involved in an accident, the truth often comes out when the driver is being questioned by authorities.

3. Due to legal, liability, fiscal, and insurance reasons, all Flora Farms employees are forbidden and are not permitted to assist with the managing and/or maintenance of any private vehicles owned by any Flora real estate co-owner. There are storage companies located by the airport where some co-owners keep their vehicles parked when they are not in Cabo. Some of those companies have vehicle maintenance services available also.

4. Due to legal, liability, fiscal, and insurance reasons, privately owned vehicles are not permitted to be parked on Flora Farms property except for when the vehicle is being used by a co-owner who is staying on site.

5. Flora Farms is absolved from any and all liability related but not limited to any issues, damages, and/or injuries caused by the use of any vehicles referred to in this announcement.


Legal Department
Flora Investments

February 29, 2016    >Download letter here.

Dear Cottage Owner,

As we finish new Culinary Cottages and more Owners are staying on the Farm, we see it is time for us to start clarifying some of the specific arrangements. To this point we have preferred to grow the farm into a community without overly defining the experience for each of you. For us it was very important that Flora become its own place and remain distinct from a resort or a typical community. It makes us very happy to see you pick from fruit trees, harvest vegetables from field rows and even adopt a dog for a for a bit if you like. But things happen, issues arise and it becomes clear that we will all be better off if we clarify a few policies.

Attached you will find clarification for the Field Kitchen Restaurant, Farm Grocery and the Common Areas. Since we conceived of the Culinary Cottages these arrangements have always been as such but in the attached they are clarified for the avoidance of doubt.

Spring is already upon us on the Farm, with the magnificent sunlight bringing the Mango's into a riot of bloom. Its not every year that the Mango's bloom this profusely, but the force of Odile certainly kindled this living response. We too are back stronger than ever and look forward to seeing you on the Farm.


—Gloria and Patrick Greene

February 29, 2016    >Download letter here.

Re: Specific policies regarding Culinary Cottage Owner’s Use of Farm Places:

Harvesting Privileges. Field vegetation changes seasonally as does the availability of vegetables and fruit on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis. If you do not find certain fruits or vegetables available for you to harvest in the farm fields or your cottage garden then this does not entitle you to request or receive these products for free from the Flora Farms Grocery, Field Kitchen restaurant, or any of Flora Farms’ staff. Vegetables, fruits, canned goods, baked goods and more are always available for purchase at the Flora Farms Grocery.

Common Area Policy. The Field Shed, community pool and all other common areas within the Culinary Cottages community are governed and managed by Flora Investments SA de CV. Rules for use of the common areas will be forthcoming and are subject to change, however, we are happy to disclose the following at this time which shall remain in effect until we notify otherwise. Food, beverages, audible speakers and smoking are not permitted in any of the common areas, except for food and beverages ordered from and delivered by the Field Kitchen or the Spa’s juice bar (opening soon). Purchases of food or beverages is in no way mandatory to enjoy the Field Shed, but when you want to enjoy food and drink from the Field Kitchen or Farm Bar it is a more private way for you to experience those offerings. The Field Shed is for you to relax, play a board game, read a book, meet your neighbors and converse. In exception to the abovementioned rules on food and drink: Sundays from 4pm to 11pm and Mondays from 9am - 11pm, “select food and beverages” shall be permitted within “select common areas” (Definitions of “select food, beverages and common areas” shall be provided upon your next check-in). And of course all unlawful activities (as per local, state and federal laws) are strictly prohibited. Flora reserves the right to prohibit access to common areas at any time and without prior notice.

Discounts. The Field Kitchen and Farm Grocery are separate entities and corporations from Flora Investments SA de CV. Your purchase of Cottage real estate from Flora Investments SA de CV does not entitle you to any discounts at The Field Kitchen or Farm Grocery.

Exclusive Menus. The Field Kitchen is currently in the process of creating several menus exclusively for the Culinary Cottage community; one for In Cottage Dining, one for the community pool and another for the Field Shed. These menus will feature options and pricing tailored to these areas.

Live Work Shops. We invite all of you to discover the new shops at Flora Farms: We are very excited about the passion, vision, skill and general sense of good living that these inspired people bring to the Farm.

February 24, 2016

Join the Owner's Only Facebook Group!

Several owners recently requested for us to give them all of the names, email addresses and phone numbers of all of our Owners. Obviously, for privacy and security reasons, we are not able to fulfill such a request. However, we can assist with the core or intentions of their request, which was their interest in meeting and communicating with other Flora Farms real estate owners, including owners outside of the times that they choose to own and live at Flora Farms. On the flip side, we also have owners who appreciate their anonymity.

Thus, Flora thought it best to create an opt-in private and secret Facebook Group. Posts to the private group would not be viewed or accessed by anyone who was not a member of the group. The secret group is open to only to owners of real estate at Flora Farms, and has has been created as place for owners to meet and communicate with each other.

We will begin inviting all of our owners by email and via Facebook starting March 2nd, 2016.

We do realize that not everyone has a Facebook account, but creating a Facebook account to access this Group is easy, and creating an anonymous Facebook account is possible also. If you have not yet been invited and would like to be, or if you have any questions regarding this, please email

—Flora Investments